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Orders of Men

Brothers of the Christian Schools (0330)
(Midwest Province)
Bro. Larry Schatz, F.S.C., Prov. Visitor
7650 S. County Line Rd.
Burr Ridge, IL 60521-6950
Tel. 630-323-3725 Fax 630-323-3779
Website: www.cbmidwest.org

Wozniak fsc, Bro. John, 2695 Raven Oaks #4, Dubuque, IA 52001-0471 563 583-4001

Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (0350)

Abbot Mark Scott, OCSO
6632 Melleray Circle
Peosta, IA 52068-7079
Tel. 563-588-2319 Fax 563-588-4117
Email: DBQOCSO or FrBrendan@newmelleray.org
Website: www.newmelleray.org

Bock, Rt. Rev. David, ocso
Cardillo, Bro. Gilbert, ocso
Dieter, Rev. Xavier, ocso
Farbolin, Rev. Alberic, ocso
Freeman, Rt. Rev. Brendan, ocso
Griffen, Bro. Cyprian, ocso
Halaburt, Bro. Paul, ocso
Henderson, Rev. James, ocso
Kennedy, Rev. Thaddeus, ocso
Knox, Bro. Kevin, ocso
Koenig, Bro. Nicholas, ocso
Kronebusch, Bro. Joseph, ocso
Lavado, Bro. Juan Diego, ocso
Leja, Bro. Felix, ocso
MacMaster, Rev. Thomas, ocso
O’Connor, Rev. James, ocso
O’Driscoll, Bro. John, ocso
Paquette, Rev. Neil, ocso
Poppish, Bro. Ephrem, ocso
Schoenberg, Bro. Walter, ocso
Scott, Rt. Rev. Mark, OCSO,
Shanahan, Bro. Tobias, ocso
Simon, Bro. Robert, ocso
Tanner, Bro. Paul Andrew, ocso
Tietjen, Rev. Kenneth, ocso
Vavra, Bro. Dennis, ocso
Verbest, Rev. Stephen, ocso
Wharff, Bro. Jonah, ocso
Zilka, Bro. Placid, ocso

Society of the Divine Word (0420)

Rev. Thomas J. Ascheman, SVD
1985 Waukegan Rd., P.O. Box 6038
Techny, IL 60082-6038
Tel. 847-272-2700 Fax 847-272-2517

Rev. Timothy Lenchak, SVD
Divine Word College
102 Jacoby Dr. SW, P.O. Box 380
Epworth, IA 52045-0380
Tel. 563-876-3353
Website: www.divineword.org

Anich, Rev. Kenneth, svd
Bergin, Very Rev. James, svd
Bunofsky, Rev. Walter, svd
Chen, Rev. Paul, SVD
DeClass, Rev. Edmundus (Sonny), SVD
Diederich, Bro. Kevin, svd
Heiar, Rev. James, svd
Hoang, Rev. Thang, svd
Jones, Rev. Robert, svd
Kreinus, Bro. Anthony, svd
Laforge, Rev. Paul, svd
Lenchak, Rev. Timothy, svd
MacDonald, Rev. Adam, svd
Mai, Rev. Trung Thanh, svd
McDermott, Rev. Joseph, svd
Nguyen, Rev. Joseph Chau, svd
Nguyen, Rev. Nick Hien, svd
Nguyen, Rev. Tam Duy, svd
Pham, Rev. Linh Duy, svd
Shea, Rev. William, svd
Szukalski, Rev. John, svd
Till, Bro. Wayne, svd
Tran, Rev. Cong Bang, svd
Tran, Bro. Duy Linh, svd
Tran, Rev. Nhan Van, svd
Trinh, Bro. Vinh Ngoc Vincent, svd